10 Things Families Love About Berrien Springs, MI

So much to love about Berrien Springs, MI

Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Berrien Springs, Michigan

We love seeing familiar faces as well as first-timers at Berrien Dental. We look forward to the smiles and conversations we have during your visit. One of our greatest joys comes from safeguarding the oral health of everyone in our town, and we thought we’d also share our top 10 reasons why we love Berrien Springs, Michigan.

1. Sense of Community

In a town whose population is approximately 1590, everywhere you turn there is always a familiar face. Some may view this as a negative but we choose to see the positive—we look out for each other. Our kids learn compassion from seeing us literally “being our brother’s keeper.” Checking up on our neighbors and welcoming visitors into our town has created a sense of community that we all hold dear.

2. Nature is Everywhere

There’s no denying it: the only skyscrapers in Berrien Springs are the hills. We have an unobstructed view of the night sky and a wondrous variety in our landscape. If you’re outdoorsy, the 6 miles of trail in the Love Creek Nature Center and County Park provides the perfect family outing for hikers as well as bikers.

3. Culture is a Big Deal 

Here at Berrien Springs, we love celebrations and culture is a very big deal. The live entertainment, the elephant ears and cheese fries, as well as the classic rides at the fair make us really proud to call this place home. From the annual Berrien County Youth Fair, the Mom2Mom Sale, to the ornamental pickle placed on the town’s Christmas tree, we love coming together and appreciating the things that make us unique. 

4. Low Crime Rate

Remember how earlier we mentioned everyone knows everyone? Another reason why that’s in the plus column: lower crime rate. It’s pretty hard to get away with doing anything illegal in Berrien Springs because there’s a good chance someone you know will see you. That’s one of the reasons why our town is safer than 49% of US cities, with a total of just 22 crimes last year.

5. Opportunities to Give Back 

Finding opportunities to make an impact in the community is pretty easy in Berrien Springs. Organizations such as Neighbor to Neighbor have partnerships with Andrews University’s Department of Social Work and they’re always looking for volunteers for a variety of positions. From repair and facility maintenance to quilters, prayer partners, and food pantry assistance, there’s always something for you to do. Our local churches also run several charity programs and have an open-door policy for volunteers—everyone’s help is welcome and appreciated.

6. Smooth Sailing On Roads

Berrien Springs is on a highway, so commute times are lower than in other towns. You also have the option to skip the drive because the pharmacy, grocery store, library, and courthouse are all within walking distance. If you do decide to drive, there are only two traffic lights in the entire town that can slow you down. Now, instead of being late because you were stuck in traffic, you get to enjoy a relaxing drive and take in the familiar sights.

7. Berrien Dental’s Patient-centered Approach

Oral health has a great impact on your overall health. Dental problems like gum disease can point to undiagnosed medical conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or even heart disease. This makes the two recommended annual visits to the dentist all the more essential for a long healthy life. Thankfully, Berrien Dental’s Dr. Christy, Dr. Balsis, and Dr. Bauman are up to the challenge. Our dentists use state-of-the-art technology to identify dental issues early before they compromise your health or become costly oral procedures down the road.

8. Quality Education System

We’d like to think our kids are doing well in school because they know we have their teachers’ phone numbers on speed dial, but the real reason is that we have a great education system. In fact, the Berrien High School offers numerous share time classes, co-ops, as well as dual enrollment classes to help students further their education. This is only one of the reasons why we think Berrien Springs is the best school district in Southwest Michigan.

9. Variety of Food Options

While we can’t deny the all-American meat at Baguette de France is out of this world, Berrien Springs has a variety of other food options. Mabuhay Ethnic Foods is a Filipino grocery market that also offers prepared food like tofu stews and fried dumplings. Families also love the tacos, burritos, and Fri-pats at The Gazebo. Even if you’re a vegan, Apple Valley Natural Foods provides a wide range of vegetarian-suitable groceries.

10. Chicago is Only Two Hours Away

Berrien Springs has a lot to offer on its own. But if you find yourself missing the city and all its nuances, Chicago is just two hours away. Our town is the perfect place to enjoy all the benefits of a small town while still being a short drive away from larger towns—whenever you need a change of pace. 

Berrien Dental can help with your oral health needs. 

At Berrien Dental, we are proud to serve the Berrien Springs community to ensure generations of happy and healthy smiles. If you’re ready to book an appointment to catch up on your preventive cleanings or want to discuss an oral health issue that is bothering you, feel free to call us and schedule a consultation today!

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