10 Ways Lasers Are Better for Working on Dental Cavities

Laser dentistry takes care of cavities better

Laser dentistry makes fixing cavities easier for everyone.

Almost everyone gets at least one cavity at some point. And a lot of people put off getting cavities filled because they don’t like the experience of getting a dental filling. It’s important to get cavities filled as quickly as possible to prevent more damage to the tooth and to avoid any pain. The dental professionals at Berrien Dental know how important it is to get cavities taken care of as fast as possible. That’s why they offer cutting edge laser dentistry technology to fill cavities.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry involves dentists using FDA-approved lasers to perform dental treatments such as root canals, gum contouring, and periodontal treatment. They harness an intense beam of light that enables dentists to work on both soft and hard tissues, with less pain and bleeding, and a reduced risk of infection. Dentists have been using lasers for dental procedures since the 1990s, but recent advances in technology have made it possible for dentists to harness the capabilities of lasers to provide patients with less invasive, safer, and more precise treatment.

The Advantages Of Laser Dentistry For Cavities

Traditionally, in order to fill a tooth, the dentist needed to use hand tools to remove the affected material from the tooth, then use a high pressure water source to clean out the tooth, and pack the tooth to preserve it. Laser dentistry allows dentists to achieve the same result using less invasive tools. 10 advantages of using lasers to fix cavities include the following

1. Laser Dentistry is Less Painful

Laser dentistry is a very precise technology that uses targeted light to perform dental procedures. There are no vibrations, no sharp instrument poking into a tooth, and no having to hold your jaw in an unnaturally wide position for a long time, which can cause jaw and neck pain. Using lasers can also eliminate the need for anesthesia in some procedures, as there are no scalpels or cutting involved.

2. Less Scary For Kids (And Adults)

Kids who are frightened of the dentist have a much easier and less stressful time getting cavities filled when it’s done with a laser. Lasers don’t make the “drilling” sound that can be triggering for some. And adults who are afraid of dental work also find getting cavities filled to be less traumatic when the procedure is done with a laser that doesn’t pulsate like a hand tool.

3. Requires Less Anesthesia

Typically, appointments to get cavities filled don’t take a lot of time, so you may be going right back to work after the procedure. If you are planning on going back to work, laser dentistry will make it possible for you to be able to talk on the phone, drink, chew, and do your work sooner because it requires less anesthesia than traditional fillings.

4. Laser Dentistry is More Precise

Even the best hand tools can sometimes be awkward and hard to handle, which can make it difficult for the dentist to do their work. Dental lasers are much more precise and can target the tooth that needs to be filled with incredible accuracy.

5. Faster Healing

After a tooth is filled, there is usually some inflammation that can sometimes cause pain and slow healing time. The intense light beam of a laser cauterizes tissue as it works, meaning less bleeding and risk of infection, which equals faster healing time.

6. Lower Risk of Infection

The ability of the laser to cauterize as it works (mentioned in #5) is the primary reason you are much less likely to experience an infection. The cauterization process also sterilizes the tissue as it works, meaning bacteria is eliminated and you don’t have an open wound that can allow bacteria access.

7. Laser Dentistry Fights Future Tooth Decay

Once the tooth has been filled and sealed by a laser it’s less likely that bacteria will be able to eat through the hardened enamel of the tooth. Studies have shown that dental laser therapy can improve teeth’s acid resistance (a common culprit in the deterioration of enamel) and even remineralize the enamel!

8. No Hand Tools

The number one reason why people don’t want to get cavities filled is because they dislike the pulsing of the hand tools and the sound of the drill. When your dentist uses laser dentistry, there won’t be any large bulky moving tools in your mouth and there won’t be a constant whirring noise either. Lasers are discreet and quiet, which is a relief to the more than 60% of the population who experience dentophobia.

9. Fast and Efficient

If you have multiple cavities that need to be filled, using a laser will get the work done much faster than using hand tools. You may be able to have all of the cavities filled in one appointment if your dentist is using laser dentistry. The absolute precision of the laser allows your dentist to be much more efficient and only remove the affected tissue.

10. Laser Dentistry Causes Less Bleeding

That cauterization process we mentioned earlier, seals the affected area, meaning you will experience much less (if any) bleeding as a result of your procedure. This also means your mouth is well on its way to healing, and you should experience less pain too.

Cutting edge laser dentistry means comfortable dental care.

Not every dentist is trained in using laser dentistry, but the dental experts at Berrien Dental work hard to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry. Using the latest technology and modern dental care methods means that you will be more comfortable getting the essential dental care you need. Call us today to find out more about how we can make dental care more comfortable for you and your family.

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