Invisalign treatment process

7 Things To Expect From Your Invisalign Treatment

Orthodontic Invisalign treatment has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. In fact, according to Invisalign, over 14 million people have turned to Invisalign trays to improve their smiles. Invisalign provides an entire host of benefits vs. their traditional metal counterparts. So, if you are considering orthodontic treatment and Invisalign is an…
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Understand restorative dentistry

4 Restorative Dentistry Secrets Your Dentist Wants To Let You in On

Often, patients who are unsatisfied with their smile avoid seeing their dentist for restorative dentistry work. But we have found that many people avoid seeking restorative dentistry because they think it will be painful, the timing will be inconvenient, or they need so much work done that they feel like their smile is a lost…
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Stress free Thanksgiving dinner

Your Easy Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Stress Free

Plan a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner with these 7 tips. For many, Thanksgiving in Saint Joseph, MI, is one of the most magical parts of the year. However, for the person hosting Thanksgiving dinner, this time meant for warm, relaxing gatherings of loved ones can often be overwhelming. Providing a clean and comfortable home along with…
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Link between malocclusions and jaw pain

How Is Malocclusion Related to Jaw Pain and What Can I Do About It?

Jaw pain may indicate a more serious issue. Jaw pain can be a nuisance at best and incapacitating at worst. Sometimes, the issue is caused by unconscious teeth grinding (bruxism), while other times, it can be the result of tooth decay or an infection. However, it is also possible that malocclusion may be the source…
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Why do I have jaw pain

5 Common Causes of Jaw Pain and How Neuromuscular Dentistry Can Help

Seeking answers for your jaw pain. Laughing, smiling, and chewing are natural, simple motions that most people perform without even thinking about it. If you’re struggling with jaw pain, however, carrying out these once-simple tasks can be difficult and painful. It can even make it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, leaving…
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Discover Saint Joseph Michigan

5 Reasons Saint Joseph, Michigan, Is a Beautiful Place in the Fall

Embrace the cooler weather with these benefits of the autumn season.  It’s never easy to say goodbye to summer, but the beauty of autumn always offers a bit of solace. The crisp air, the changing leaves, the seasonal spices, the plump pumpkins, the sprawling apple orchards—it’s easily one of the most beautiful times of the…
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Straight teeth could mean better health

How Important Are Straight Teeth to My Health?

Are straight teeth actually healthier? You might think that treatments for straighter teeth are purely cosmetic, but that simply isn’t the case. While there’s nothing wrong with finding a skilled cosmetic dentist strictly for a more beautiful smile, straightening your teeth can also have a variety of health and quality of life benefits. Crooked teeth…
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Find the root cause of bleeding gums

Why Are My Gums Bleeding and What Should I Do About It?

Finding your gums bleeding during brushing or flossing can be a distressing experience. Many people don’t understand why bleeding gums occur or what they can do about it. In most cases, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent your gums from bleeding in the future. What causes bleeding gums? Some people who…
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Invisalign or six month smiles

Invisalign vs Six Month Smiles: Which Is Right for You?

Choose the Right Orthodontic Treatment If you’re interested in orthodontic care, you have more options for treatment available to you than ever before. Clear aligner systems are a notable example of the advancements in modern orthodontics, but there are also braces with cutting-edge abilities. Two popular options for both categories are Invisalign and Six Month…
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Best tooth replacement options

Tooth Replacement Options: The Best Treatment Methods Available

A missing tooth doesn’t mean the end of your smile.  Missing teeth are not just a source of embarrassment and discomfort—they can also lead to significant issues with both your oral and your overall health. The longer you go with a gap in your teeth, the more likely you are to experience tooth shifting, bone…
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Whole body health

6 Ways Your Gut and Mouth Are Interconnected

Your oral health can affect your overall health.  Ongoing research done by doctors in many specialties is showing that the different processes of the body all interconnect in the gut. The gut is far more responsible for overall health than anyone previously thought. And there is a special connection between the mouth and the gut…
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Back to school checklist

School Essentials: A Berrien Dental Customized Back-to-School List for Your Kids

Your complete school checklist with all the essentials for your child.  It might seem like summer just started, but the new school year is just around the corner! There’s always such a big rush to get everything that your kids need for back to school at the end of the summer that it can be…
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