Whiter teeth are actually important
3 Ways to Get Whiter Teeth
The Ins and Outs of Teeth Whitening There’s no doubt that humans are drawn to one another. But did you know that one of the first things we see when we look at another adult is their smile? It’s true! Smiles just suck us in. And in particular, it’s those white teeth that really get…
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There's family fun to be had in St. Joseph, MI
10 Things Families Love About St. Joseph, MI
Must-Visit Places for Families in St. Joseph, MI From a vast beach and spray fountain to unique pizzas and quality art, the small town of St. Joseph in Michigan has it all. To start you off on your adventures, we’ve put together a list of some family-friendly places that locals love and visitors enjoy coming…
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So much to love about Berrien Springs, MI
10 Things Families Love About Berrien Springs, MI
Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Berrien Springs, Michigan We love seeing familiar faces as well as first-timers at Berrien Dental. We look forward to the smiles and conversations we have during your visit. One of our greatest joys comes from safeguarding the oral health of everyone in our town, and we thought we’d also…
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Technology help make implant surgery better
10 Ways Technology Has Made Tooth Implant Surgery Better
Dental implant surgery has never been as safe and pain-free. Did you know that we’ve been using dental implants for more than 4000 years? We’ve come a long way since those first carved bamboo pegs were used to replace missing teeth. Technological innovation has helped tooth implant surgery to continue to evolve, with new developments…
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Dental implant aftercare
The ABCs of Dental Implant Restoration Aftercare
Professional dental implant care is important after a dental implant restoration. Dental implants are a wonderful restoration option for patients who’ve experienced tooth loss. They are beautiful, permanent, mimic natural tooth structure, and have a high success rate when cared for properly. Failure of a dental implant or rejection is exceptionally rare, but to minimize…
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Ways a dentist can make your smile brighter
5 Ways a Dentist Can Make Your Smile Brighter
Everyone should love their smile. Seventy percent of Americans feel self-conscious about their teeth. So, if you dream of a straighter, whiter smile, you are not alone. You also aren’t without options for improving your smile if you’re considering your options. Dentists today have technology and skill on their side. They can help you with…
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Smile makeover procedures
Your Smile Makeover: An Overview of Procedures
Gaining Your Ideal Smile With a Smile Makeover When was the last time you found yourself looking for excuses to smile? Being truly confident in your smile is a wonderful feeling that can make you appear friendlier, more confident, and more enthusiastic to others. Radiating these positive traits can help you in both your professional…
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Crowns can fix dental issues
5 Dental Issues that Dental Crowns Can Fix
Protecting your unique teeth for a lifetime. Did you know that teeth are so distinctive and so specialized for their individual jobs that scientists have identified entire extinct species based on a single fossilized tooth? Your teeth are just as specialized and unique, carrying out a wide range of jobs like biting, cutting, and chewing…
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Dental crown cost
How Much Is a Dental Crown and Is it Worth it?
Restoring and Protecting Your Natural Teeth for a Lifetime It’s amazing how far technology has come in recent decades, improving everything from small details in our everyday lives to helping medical professionals provide their patients with better care. Modern dentistry is no exception! Advanced technology and improved materials help dentists give you the best care…
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Ways to prevent periodontitis
5 Ways to Prevent Periodontitis at Any Age
Make daily changes to prevent periodontitis. Healthy gums are one of the foundations of maintaining a healthy mouth. They help support your teeth and act as a seal against bacteria, protecting the roots and supporting structures of your teeth from decay. If your gums aren’t healthy, that seal can break, allowing bacteria to gather beneath…
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Your oral hygiene routine
5 Tips for a Quick and Easy Oral Hygiene Routine
Save time by taking care of your oral health proactively. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to end up with a busy schedule—especially if you’re trying to juggle a dedicated career with a social life, plenty of family time, and other responsibilities. Even when you love staying busy or tackling the challenges that your packed…
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Fix dental problems with veneers
5 Dental Issues Veneers Can Fix
Dental veneers allow you to gain your ideal smile. Have you ever noticed that a genuine, attractive, and confident smile has an almost magnetic appeal? It’s disarming, often making people come across as friendly or trustworthy. Unfortunately, if you’re self-conscious of your smile, achieving a confident, magnetic smile may seem nearly impossible. You may even…
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