Your Easy Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner Stress Free

Stress free Thanksgiving dinner

Plan a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner with these 7 tips.

For many, Thanksgiving in Saint Joseph, MI, is one of the most magical parts of the year. However, for the person hosting Thanksgiving dinner, this time meant for warm, relaxing gatherings of loved ones can often be overwhelming. Providing a clean and comfortable home along with a full meal for so many guests can be quite a challenge.

But if you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Following some simple tips from your favorite Saint Joseph dentist on how to do Thanksgiving dinner frustration-free can help ensure your Thanksgiving holiday is as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests.

1. Prep what you can ahead of time.

Those who know how to do Thanksgiving dinner right know you need to start well before Thanksgiving. While some foods are best prepared fresh — for example, cooking your turkey too far in advance could make it chewy enough to cause jaw pain — there are several aspects of a Thanksgiving dinner that can be prepped well ahead of time.

Gravy and Other Sauces

You can make virtually any sauce you plan on using during Thanksgiving dinner at least a few days ahead of time without losing any of the flavor. In fact, gravy-based recipes can actually improve in flavor when the ingredients are given the opportunity to blend further.


Stuffing is similar to sauces in the sense that all of those ingredients will blend together more richly if it’s made a bit ahead of time. This Thanksgiving staple is essential for many, yet it’s one of the most time-consuming things to make. Preparing it early can make a big difference.

Certain Desserts

With desserts like cookies and cakes, you probably don’t want to leave them sitting in your fridge for days before serving them. But desserts like pies can be prepared, at least partially, ahead of time. For instance, you can often prepare a pie crust in advance and insert the filling on Thanksgiving Day.

Anything that Needs to Be Chopped

In most instances, cutting up ingredients beforehand isn’t going to affect their flavor or reduce their shelf life. It will only make your life easier come Thanksgiving morning! Chop up veggies, bread crusts, nuts, and anything else you can think of a few days early and store them safely away.

2. Invest in some useful tools.

You may want to consider getting yourself some tools that can speed up the process of cooking dinner in some way. Spending more money on this already expensive day may not seem very enticing, but remember that you get to use them all year round and on any subsequent Thanksgiving dinners you may be hosting.

3. Don’t overdo it on the menu.

Cooking way too much food is a classic folly of the Thanksgiving dinner host. But while overdoing it is certainly better than underdoing it, you may be able to modify recipes using the number of guests and the number of dishes you plan on making in order to avoid putting too much on your plate – both figuratively and literally.

4. Delegate responsibilities.

You can relieve a lot of pressure by simply outsourcing a few of the many tasks on your to-do list. Whether you want to ask a trusted friend or relative to make and bring a certain dish or have them come a bit early to help you set everything up, a few extra helping hands can make a massive difference.

5. Keep the décor simple.

It can be a lot of fun to make your home glow with a festive spirit, but it can also be a serious hassle. Odds are that your guests will be equally charmed by some simple but thoughtful décor as they would be with an all-out decoration extravaganza. 

There’s a nearly endless well of creative ideas readily available to you online from crafty people who really know how to do Thanksgiving dinner. Check out social media and do some Googling to get inspired.

6. Provide some easy snacks.

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? They’re easy enough to make, and you can also just buy them premade. Make sure to have some easy snacks and cold drinks readily available to distract your guests while you’re in the kitchen making your masterpiece.

7. Take a moment to enjoy the day.

While being a Thanksgiving host is a whole lot different than being a Thanksgiving guest, there are plenty of reasons to be thankful for your position. Make sure to stop for a moment, take the holiday in, and practice gratitude. Now that is how to do Thanksgiving dinner.

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