Laser Dentistry Is a Safe and Painless Way To Treat Your Teeth

The benefits of laser dentistry

Laser dentistry turns routine procedures into more enjoyable, comfortable experiences.

What if your dental appointments could be quicker, more comfortable, and less invasive? Laser dentistry makes this a reality.

Laser dentistry is being offered by more dental practices than ever before, and many people are curious about this unique advancement. More specifically, there are a lot of patients who want to know the what, why, and how behind the use of lasers in dental care.

Here’s what you as a patient should know about lasers.

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a form of dental care that uses a specially designed dental laser for a variety of different treatments.

Dental lasers come in two main types: soft-tissue lasers and hard-tissue lasers. Soft-tissue lasers are used for procedures involving gum tissue and other soft tissue within the mouth, such as oral surgery. Hard-tissue lasers are used for treating things like tooth decay and other restorative treatments that involve the hard tissue. They can even be used in professional teeth whitening.

Laser dentistry is comparable in cost to traditional methods and often saves patients money if fewer appointments are necessary.

How are dental lasers used?

Dental lasers are used for a wide variety of different dental care procedures. Your dentist will either use a soft-tissue or a hard-tissue dental laser depending on what service is being provided.

Some of the most common uses of laser dentistry include:

  • Treating gum disease and inflammation
  • Removing tooth decay
  • Reshaping gummy smiles
  • Biopsying soft tissue abnormalities
  • Removing impacted wisdom teeth
  • Performing root canal therapy
  • Placing dental implants
  • Treating obstructive sleep apnea
  • Whitening teeth

Generally speaking, dental lasers can be used as an alternative dental instrument in almost any treatment involving the removal of damaged tissue or tooth enamel.

Is laser dentistry safe?

Laser dentistry is absolutely safe for patients of all ages. In fact, you could go as far as to say that laser dentistry makes dental care and oral surgery safer than traditional options.

There are two main reasons why laser dentistry increases safety for patients.

Firstly, dental lasers allow your dentist to be extremely precise.

The hyperfocused light beam of a dental laser allows for pinpoint accuracy that would be difficult to attain with a handheld dental drill or scalpel. Simply put, a dental laser gives your dentist the power to remove tooth decay, soft tissue, or stubborn surface stains in exactly the right areas without interfering with surrounding oral tissue or teeth.

Secondly, dental lasers have a natural cauterizing effect.

When a dental laser is used for oral surgery, gum contouring, and similar procedures in which soft tissue is being manipulated, sterilizing and cauterizing are both occurring simultaneously. This results in a lowered risk of infection, reduced swelling, and reduced bleeding at the surgical site.

Although thinking about these aspects of more invasive procedures can leave you feeling a bit squeamish, it’s valuable information from a safety standpoint.

Why is laser dentistry beneficial?

In addition to increased patient safety, there are other benefits to dental lasers.

Healing is faster and less complicated.

Patients experience quicker healing and fewer complications post-procedure. This means you can return to your normal routine faster thanks to less discomfort and swelling.

Anesthesia can be reduced or skipped.

The gentle nature of laser dentistry often allows dentists to reduce the amount of anesthetic needed or even skip it entirely. For oral surgery, anesthesia may still be necessary, but it is possible for simple cavities to be treated and filled without the patient needing to be numbed at all.

Time spent in the chair is minimized.

Time is precious. And for many busy patients, the shorter the appointment, the better. Laser dentistry allows dentists to complete routine dental care procedures in less time without ever sacrificing the quality of care or their patient’s comfort.

Learn more about laser dentistry from your dentist.

The best source of factual information about laser dentistry is your dentist. It is rapidly becoming available in family and general dental practices, which means even if your dentist doesn’t currently offer it, chances are high that the service is on its way.

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