VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System

The Oral Cancer Foundation reports that over 350,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year. The mortality rate of oral cancer has not changed in over thirty years in part to the fact that it is not diagnosed early enough.
With the VELscope oral cancer screening system, our doctors and hygienist can detect suspect areas before they are visible to the naked eye. Oral cancer appears as white, red, or white and red patches. However, when these patches are seen by the naked eye it typically means the cancer is already in an advanced stage. VELscope allows us to detect possible oral cancer at its earliest stage, when oral cancer is still often curable.
The system uses a powerful blue light to increase our ability to see lesions, cancerous, and precancerous cells typically invisible to the naked eye. The light allows us to distinguish between normal and abnormal cells with a higher rate of accuracy. The results are documented using pictures and can be stored digitally. VELscope also allows for better removal of all diseased tissue.
Screening is completed in a minute or two using a small hand-held device, it is a very non-invasive procedure that can save your life.
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