What Can Laser Dentistry Do for Me?

Benefits of laser dentistry

Laser dentistry is a tech innovation improving patient care.

Innovative treatments and technologies have helped dental offices make major strides in patient care. One of those innovations is laser dentistry.

Using the power and precision of laser light, this form of dentistry improves the comfort and simplifies the after care for almost every dental procedure. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how this gentle treatment works and why it’s so effective.

What is laser dentistry?

In recent years, laser dentistry has emerged as an innovative and less invasive way to perform many common dental procedures. Instead of relying on conventional tools to help fill cavities, whiten teeth and more, dentists can now harness the incredible power of lasers to perform the same tasks with even greater precision.

The power of the laser lies in the strong, focused beam of light energy that it emits. This force is so strong that it can be used to painlessly manipulate both the hard and soft tissues of your teeth and gums. At our office, we can use laser dentistry to perform many different procedures, including:

  • Cavity treatment.
  • Tooth whitening.
  • Gum contouring.
  • Periodontal treatment.
  • Root canals.
  • Cold sore treatment.
  • Snoring cessation treatment.

Laser dentistry is part of our greater approach to provide tech-savvy, patient-focused care. In addition to this practice, our dentists also use other forms of dental technology designed to improve the patient experience, including:

  • Intraoral cameras.
  • Cone beam digital X-rays.
  • Diagnodent.
  • Ultrasonic scalers.
  • iTero digital imaging.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Why should you opt for laser dentistry whenever possible? Let’s take a look at a few of the top benefits that this approach provides.

1. Quicker, More Comfortable Treatments

With laser dentistry, your dental treatments are more comfortable than ever before. Whether you’re visiting for a preventative, cosmetic, or restorative service, you’ll find that the procedure is more relaxed and easier than you might have expected.

Even more intricate procedures, such as gum contouring, are quicker and easier to perform. This helps you recover faster and lowers your overall pain level. It also speeds up the aftercare process and helps you get back to your day-to-day life sooner.

2. Drill-Free Treatment

If you ask someone why they don’t like going to the dentist, they immediately list the sound and vibration of the dentist’s drill as being off-putting. With laser dentistry, you’ll still be able to hear the laser working, but you won’t feel the unnerving vibrations that accompany a traditional drill.If you have children with dental anxiety or if you’re nervous about visiting yourself, this is a major perk that can make a world of difference.

Not only does the procedure feel smoother, but the drill-free technique and precision of the laser make it ideal for even the most sensitive teeth and gums. Research shows that one in eight adults may have mouth sensitivity, making this concern increasingly common.

3. Reduced Need for Local Anesthesia

Local anesthesia is designed to help improve your overall comfort level during dental care. From cavity fillings to root canals, it’s a common first step that can make your entire treatment experience more pleasant.

However, because the laser light is so precise, most of the time your laser dentistry treatment may not even require the use of anesthesia. This means no shot and no numbness to contend with after you leave the office! This is another benefit that also makes your treatment more comfortable.

4. Less Risk of Infection

Dental lasers are able to successfully control and adjust the soft and hard tissue in your mouth without coming into direct contact with those surfaces. The greatest benefit of this approach is that it is gentler on your teeth and gums. It also enables a more precise and efficient treatment approach.

Another advantage? The laser light actually sterilizes the area that it’s focused on. This helps eliminate most of the bacteria in that area and lowers your overall risk of infection.

5. Less Post-Treatment Discomfort

When your routine dental procedure is complete, you should be able to walk out of our office and resume the rest of your day. This is the case whether you go in for teeth whitening services or periodontal treatment.

One of the greatest benefits of laser dentistry is that it helps you heal more quickly! From chewing and drinking to speaking and smiling, you depend on your teeth and gums on a daily basis, and you need them to feel their best as soon as possible. With laser dentistry, you can resume normal, everyday activities at a faster rate.

At the end of the day, your dental health and quality of life are intricately linked, and laser dentistry helps you bounce back and feel better than ever.

Learn more about laser dentistry today.

Now that we’ve shared a few of the top benefits that laser dentistry provides, you might be interested in learning more about this advanced procedure. If so, we’d love to share more details and help you determine whether the process is right for your dental care.

There are many treatments that can benefit from the precision, comfort, and ease that laser dentistry can offer. If you’re ready to embrace this form of dental technology, your dentist can walk you through the process and help you understand every step involved.

Want to discover the game-changing innovation of laser dentistry for yourself? Feel free to contact our team to ask any questions or request an appointment!