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Esthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dental Patient Michelle

Dentists Advise, To Improve How People Perceive You, Your #1 Priority Is Your Smile

It’s not necessary to get a “Hollywood” smile, but…

…improving your smile can make you look younger, boost your self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as improve your communication abilities, your sex appeal, and positively impact your personal and professional connections.

According to studies by social psychologists, the majority of people spend about 30 seconds appraising you before they begin to develop a laundry list of perceptions about your:

 • educational level
 • work competence
 • achievement
 • character
 • sophistication
 • trustworthiness
 • sense of humor
 • and your social heritage.

 For better or worse, this means that appearances count in today’s world.

Cosmetic Dental Patient Clint

Using cosmetic dentistry, Berrien Dental is able to totally transform your smile and change your life. With skill and precision, we will create your perfect smile. Nature-mimicking restorations such as advanced metal-free crowns, veneers, bridges, and inlays/onlays  feel and function like your natural teeth and look incredible.

In an independent study in 2008, it was discovered:

When asked, “What exactly is the first thing you notice in a new acquaintenance’s smile?” The most common answers were:

• A Straight Smile
• Whiteness & Color of Teeth
• Cleanliness of Teeth
• Sincerity of the Smile
• Any Missing Teeth?
• Sparkle of Smile

When respondents were asked, “What would you most want to improve about your own smile?” The most common response was: “Brighter and Whiter Teeth”.

And when asked, “What types of things do you feel make a smile unappealing?” The most common replies were:

• Discolored, Yellow, or Stained Teeth
• Missing Teeth
• Crooked Teeth
• Decaying Teeth & Cavities
• Gaps & Spaces in Teeth
• Dirty Teeth

Almost all Americans (98.7%) consider a smile is a crucial social asset.

97% of adults feel a stunning smile makes a person more desirable to people of the opposite sex.

Three-quarters (76%) of adults feel an unsightly smile can hurt an individual’s chances for career success.

Natural-looking solutions like state-of-the-art metal-free crowns, porcelain veneers, bridges, and inlays/onlays appear, feel and perform just like your very own teeth. They enable us to save as much of the original tooth as is possible. Plus, were you aware that, cosmetic dentistry could possibly clear away creases and lines near your cheeks, mouth area and the rest of your face – without having cosmetic surgery?

Think about having a more attractive smile. You look years younger. You are confident and noticing how other people find you more attractive. Cosmetic dentistry has so many solutions available to help you and, with cosmetic dental work becoming financially affordable for everyone, you can have the smile of your dreams.

What Goals Do You Have For Your Smile?

Changing your smile can change your whole appearance. That’s why it’s so important that we work closely with you to make sure that we understand your expectations and that you are comfortable with your choices before the smile makeover begins.

We take an all-inclusive game plan and adhere to establishing a treatment plan with a thorough discussion of options. Cosmetic Dental Patient Trisha


What can be done:

• Restore a beautiful, youthful look to your appearance
• Close gaps between teeth
• Fix cracked, broken or chipped teeth
• Re-position crowded and crooked teeth
• Re-contour gums to eliminate a “gummy” smile
• Lengthen or shorten uneven teeth
• Replace missing teeth
• Replace old metal fillings, crowns and bridges
• Improve or correct bad (dysfunctional) bites
Whiten and brighten stained or discolored teeth


Call for a smile consultation at (269) 471-4055 or “Request a Consult” using the form at the right.



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