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Our family dental services make us a one-stop shop with

Our family dental services make us a one-stop shop

The latest in digital dental technology

A commitment to improving patient experience

Expert care for adults and children alike

Choosing a dental practice is complicated.

At Berrien Dental, we make it easy.

Some dental practices specialize in a certain type of patient, making it difficult for families to find one dental home that suits every family member's needs. We're not like that. Instead, we've built our practice around providing advanced care and a better patient experience for both children and adults. That's why we've implemented the latest technology to make sure we're providing the highest quality of care while maximizing your comfort throughout the process. With cone-beam computed tomography, we can go beyond the traditional X-ray to capture high-quality, 3D images of the bones, nerve paths, soft tissue, and other dental structures. We use iTero digital imaging to quickly and easily take 3D images of your mouth without the need for messy, uncomfortable dental impressions. Additionally, our expertise in laser dentistry allows us to perform common dental treatments with more precision and less patient discomfort than ever before. We're committed to staying on top of the latest technology so we can continue providing quality care to our patients as simply, efficiently, and comfortably as possible.

Cavities don’t have to be scary.

With laser dentistry, we can place fillings comfortably and easily.

Laser dentistry has revolutionized dental care, drastically improving the patient experience for all. Instead of traditional filling methods, which require local anesthesia and a high-pitched handpiece, we can now use dental lasers to address cavities and restore oral health. This new approach not only leaves more healthy tooth structure safely intact but also provides pain-free treatment for patients. At Berrien Dental, we've become experts in laser therapy to offer a better restorative-treatment experience. We also specialize in tooth-colored fillings so our patients can leave our office with smiles that look natural and bright.


Going to the dentist has never been top on my list. As you get older it becomes more obvious the importance of regular teeth maintenance. My recent cleaning visit at Berrien Dental was however the best one I have ever had.


Sometimes a filling isn’t enough.

Luckily, a root canal can save your smile.

If left untreated, tooth decay can reach deep into your tooth, causing the soft tissue inside the root to become inflamed and infected. When this happens, your dentist needs to perform a root canal to remove the affected tissue, clean the inside of the root, and then fill and seal the space to protect it from further damage. At Berrien Dental, we use the latest technology to provide expert root canal care so that you can feel confident knowing your treatment will restore your smile and end discomfort for good.

Damaged teeth shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Dental crowns provide a low-maintenance way to restore tooth function and oral health.

When a tooth sustains enough damage or decay that a filling isn't enough, a dental crown is a long-lasting, natural-looking, effective solution to restore your smile. At Berrien Dental, we specialize in porcelain crowns, which are biocompatible and highly resistant to wear. Unlike traditional metal crowns, porcelain crowns closely match the color and characteristics of your natural teeth, helping to restore your smile without fuss. The process for a crown is simple. At your first appointment, we prepare your tooth and take a digital impression. This allows us to create a porcelain crown perfectly customized to your unique needs. After that, we fit you with a temporary crown until the permanent one is ready. On your second visit, we cement the new custom crown securely in place—and that's it! You'll leave the office with your bright, new smile.

Tooth decay can disrupt your life.

Dental extractions can help end the discomfort.

When it comes to tooth decay and damage, we always try to minimize the impact of treatment. That means looking at less-invasive methods like fillings and crowns first. However, if the damage is severe enough, a dental extraction may be the best approach to stop pain and prevent further damage. At Berrien Dental, if we find a dental extraction necessary, we'll work with you to understand your treatment options and minimize discomfort throughout the process. We'll also help you understand how you can revitalize your smile after the extraction with a porcelain dental bridge, implant, or other replacement method.

Plaque buildup can harbor harmful bacteria.

Periodontal therapy keeps you healthy.

Periodontal disease affects the tissues around teeth. In its early stage, gingivitis, plaque buildup can cause gum sensitivity, bleeding, and swelling. Gingivitis is common and can be managed with little to no permanent damage to your mouth and gums. At Berrien Dental, we want to help every patient gain the tools and understanding they need to stop gingivitis before it causes further complications. Preventive measures, such as twice-daily brushing, daily flossing, effective mouthwash, regular checkups, and professional cleanings are key. For those with more advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, we also provide scaling and root planing treatments to clean below the gumline and help restore your gums to optimal health.

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Quality dental care should always be accessible.

That's why at Berrien Dental, our financial policy allows us to provide you with the best treatment available, not limited to what your insurance plan covers. We'll happily submit your insurance paperwork electronically for you at the time of treatment. We also offer several payment options, including the CareCredit financing program.

For members of our community who have inadequate insurance or none at all, a Berrien Dental membership can help you afford dental treatment you need. This specially designed system operates like a savings plan and can be just the thing to help you more easily prioritize your health. Contact us today to learn more and see if you might qualify!