Dentistry & School Kids

Back to school dental appointment

Back to School Dental Checkup: Is Your Child’s Smile Ready?

Over the months of August and September each year, millions of kids head back to school. And in the weeks before that big first day, parents are often scrambling to ...
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Back to school checklist

School Essentials: A Berrien Dental Customized Back-to-School List for Your Kids

Your complete school checklist with all the essentials for your child.  It might seem like summer just started, but the new school year is just around the corner! There’s always ...
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Back to School Wellness Tips

9 Back to School Wellness Tips

Keep your kids healthy during this back-to-school season Are your kids ready for the new school year? Aside from all of their supplies, clothes, books, and other school essentials, there’s ...
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How do you get your stubborn family member to the dentist?

How to Get Your Stubborn Family Member to Go to the Dentist

When gentle reminders don’t work, arm yourself with facts. Family life is full of daily challenges, and sometimes living with others seems like a constant struggle. “Please pick up your ...
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Your Pet’s Dental Health

YOU MIGHT BE TEMPTED to think that because wild animals can’t do much for their dental hygiene, pets like dogs and cats don’t need dental care either. In reality, keeping ...
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Teaching Your Kids to Floss!

At Berrien Dental, we have always believed that flossing is an essential part of keeping our teeth clean and healthy. The one challenge that we as caregivers and parents have had ...
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