Strong Teeth

You can stop gingivitis now

Stop Gingivitis in Its Tracks

You can stop gingivitis in its tracks. If you are worried about gingivitis and gum disease, and aren’t sure how to stop it, the team at Berrien Dental has some ...
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You can prevent periodontitis

4 Tips That Help You Prevent Periodontitis Naturally

Protect Your Smile and Prevent Periodontitis Periodontitis is the most advanced form of gum disease and can only be corrected with professional intervention. It's caused by excessive plaque and tartar ...
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Take care of your oral health

6 Ways You Can Practice Excellent Preventive Oral Health Habits

How does preventive dentistry help your oral health? Preventive dentistry is all about taking the appropriate steps to maintain and protect oral health. We may only sometimes think about how ...
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Find the root cause of bleeding gums

Why Are My Gums Bleeding and What Should I Do About It?

Finding your gums bleeding during brushing or flossing can be a distressing experience. Many people don’t understand why bleeding gums occur or what they can do about it. In most ...
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Whole body health

6 Ways Your Gut and Mouth Are Interconnected

Your oral health can affect your overall health.  Ongoing research done by doctors in many specialties is showing that the different processes of the body all interconnect in the gut. ...
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Beat gum disease and save your mouth

5 Things You Should Know About Recovering from Gum Disease

Gum Disease 101: Know the Facts Even when we’re thinking about our oral health, it’s fairly common to forget to consider our gums. Our teeth are so often the stars ...
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Keep Halloween healthy this year

Top 10 Healthy Halloween Foods Your Family Will Love

Food Swaps for a Healthier Halloween School is back in session, the temperatures are dipping, and we’re officially into the “-ber” months. This means the holiday season is almost here ...
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Ways to prevent periodontitis

5 Ways to Prevent Periodontitis at Any Age

Make daily changes to prevent periodontitis. Healthy gums are one of the foundations of maintaining a healthy mouth. They help support your teeth and act as a seal against bacteria, ...
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Your oral hygiene routine

5 Tips for a Quick and Easy Oral Hygiene Routine

Save time by taking care of your oral health proactively. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to end up with a busy schedule—especially if you’re trying to juggle a dedicated ...
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your oral health

10 Facts About the Mouth-Body Connection

Your body is made of complex, interconnected parts. It’s easy to think of your oral health as cut-and-dry and lacking the complex relationships other parts of your body have. While ...
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