10 Myths About Dental Crowns

dental crowns

Why dental crowns could solve your oral health problems.

Crowns have come so far in aesthetics, comfort, and convenience that they are almost enviable (but we still like your natural teeth better). Patients who receive the proper kind of care from the right dentist often find it to be such a restorative and positive experience that they no longer worry about whether they’re going to need another one or not. But myths about dental procedures remain, so we’ve put together a list of commonly overheard myths about dental crowns.

1. A dental crown might look unnatural.

Dental crowns can be made out of porcelain or ceramic. Both materials are durable and look like natural teeth. Because we take an impression of your tooth to make the crown match your natural bite and existing tooth, nobody will know you have one! They will only notice your healthy, shining smile.

2. A dental crown will never feel like my real tooth.

When you bite down on your crown, it should feel just like your natural, healthy tooth. It won’t feel like your decayed tooth, because the pain, cavity, and decay will all be gone. It will be better than your current natural tooth and will prevent any more damage from occurring.

3. Only people who don’t take care of their teeth need crowns.

Some people have to work a bit harder than others to take care of their teeth. Even for those who have impeccable hygiene, injuries can break or crack the strongest of teeth. On top of that, life happens and none of us are perfect. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we don’t take perfect care of our teeth. If your tooth has been broken in an injury or is experiencing advanced decay, your dentist may recommend a crown to preserve the natural tooth and prevent more damage down the road.

4. A dental crown can wait.

It’s best to take care of a crown as soon as possible after it’s prescribed. A crown will preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible, and this is always a good idea. A broken or decayed tooth left untreated will lead to needing an even more serious procedure down the road, such as an implant. While implants are nothing to be afraid of, we at Berrien Dental believe in treating problems early and preventing as much decay or damage as possible!

5. I can just get another filling.

In cases of serious decay, you need a crown. A filling will not prevent you having to get a crown later on in these instances. However, a filling may prevent you from having to get a crown if you do it early enough. This is one more reason to see your dentist regularly.

If your dentist is recommending a crown, that means the damage has gone past the point where a filling is the best solution. A filling in these cases will only prolong the inevitable need for a crown and might mean losing more of your tooth. It will almost certainly mean more expensive procedures later. Broken or chipped teeth are usually best repaired with crowns (though very small chips can be repaired with bonding).

Crowns are longer-lasting, enduring, and protect your teeth. At Berrien Dental, we can guarantee that they will be beautiful as well.

6. I can get dental crowns instead of veneers for cosmetic purposes.

While this is a post about how helpful crowns are to your overall health, using dental crowns instead of veneers is actually not a good idea. Veneers remove as little tooth structure as possible, while crowns are used for rescuing seriously decayed teeth. We do not recommend them for cosmetic makeovers. (But we can get you some beautiful veneers if that’s what you’re looking for!)

7. Crowns can be whitened.

Crowns cannot be whitened, but they can be kept stain-free and beautifully white. Also, we will match the crown to the color of your natural tooth. The best way to prevent complications at a later date is to talk to your dentist about the possibility of whitening your teeth before you receive your crown. The good news is this—while your natural teeth may stain or yellow over time, your crown will not!

8. Dental crowns are too painful.

Fear of pain is one of the top three reasons people do not get the care they need. But advanced dentistry with advanced comfort is what Berrien Dental does best. Our doctors will make sure you are as comfortable as possible. We have a variety of comfort options and can help guide you to the best one for you.

9. Crowns are too expensive.

Talk to your dentist if finances are a concern. We want you to be able to afford your care. We work with Care Credit and offer Berrien Dental Memberships, both of which are alternatives to dental insurance and have allowed the people we care most about—our patients—to afford the care they need.

10. Making all these dental health decisions is complicated.

The good news about all this is that you don’t have to worry about whether you need dental crowns or not. Whether you want a second opinion after visiting another dentist or are worried about a problem you see with your teeth, rest assured that we are here to do what’s best for you and to recommend the very best care for your unique teeth.