What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

More comfort with laser dentistry

The latest in dental technology is laser dentistry.

If you are big on technology and keeping up-to-date with the latest way to keep your teeth in check, you’ll be happy to know that Berrien Dental’s Berrien Springs dental office is using laser dentistry for some of its dental treatments. There are many benefits to using lasers to help patients with their oral health that range from there being less noise, less pain and discomfort, and even longer-lasting dental work.

What is laser dentistry?

The first question that many people have is what exactly is laser dentistry and why haven’t I heard of it before? This type of dentistry is exactly what the name implies: It is dental work that is done by lasers. The first dental laser was used in 1989, and as technology has improved, dentists have become more comfortable with using laser technology for treatments on their patients.

There are two types of lasers used by the dentists Berrien Dental, and each laser has its own job.

Soft tissue lasers are one type of laser we use. The soft tissue laser is used mostly on soft tissues, like the gums. Soft tissue lasers can also seal blood vessels when used during dental surgery, so there won’t be as much bleeding when compared with a traditional dental procedure. The soft tissue laser can be used to reshape gums during a cosmetic dentistry procedure, and can also be used in procedures where the tongue has limited movement in the mouth, such as a lip or tongue tie.

The other type of laser we use is called a hard tissue laser. These lasers can cut through bone and are usually used during procedures involving the tooth. The hard tissue laser is able to shape teeth that have been chipped or broken. The hard tissue laser is also used to  prepare teeth for other dental procedures, like fillings or root canals. The reason why we love hard tissue lasers at Berrien Dental is because the lasers can be used to detect cavities and tooth decay, which means we can catch any issues earlier and fix them while they are small.

How does laser dentistry work?

Laser dentistry involves the use of one or both types of lasers during a dental procedure, and works by the laser emitting a very precise and intense beam of light. The lasers can kill germs and bacteria that are in the mouth, and can also prepare a tooth for a filling. Since no drill is needed, there is less damage to the tooth thanks to the accuracy of the lasers.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

There are many benefits to using laser dentistry, but the most important is that this type of dentistry is more comfortable for the patient. Laser treatment is relatively painless, and patients do not need Novocaine or anesthesia for the procedures. Many patients also feel less anxiety because of the lower noise level.

Laser dentistry is also recommended because there is less chance of a bacterial infection because the laser actually cauterizes the area of the mouth that your dentist is working on. Patients also have a lower chance of swelling after a procedure with the use of lasers because it isn’t as invasive as traditional dental treatments. Often, since there isn’t any cutting of the gums with a scalpel, stitches won’t be needed to seal up any wounds, leading to less discomfort for the patient.

Patients also love laser dentistry because of the quicker treatment time, and the faster recovery period compared with traditional dentistry.

Is there a downside to laser dentistry?

The only downside to laser dentistry is that it can’t be used with fillings that are already in the mouth. That means if you already have a filling, you would not be a candidate for this type of dentistry on that same area of the mouth should another dental issue arise. This type of dentistry also can’t be used on cavities that are between two teeth. Damaged bridges or crowns also cannot be worked on with this type of dentistry.

Visit the Berrien Springs office to learn more about laser dentistry.

If you are the type of person who is anxious and has anxiety about having dental work done, speak with the team at Berrien Dental to learn more about how lasers are being used and if you may be a good candidate for it. The team at Berrien Dental are experienced in this cutting-edge technology and have built a calm and reassuring practice to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible. 

Schedule an appointment with our team and find out how laser dentistry can put you one step closer to the happy and healthy smile of your dreams. 

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