Berrien Springs family dentist

Holidays in Berrien Springs

Tips for Surviving the Cold and Enjoying the Holidays in Berrien Springs

Winter in Berrien Springs can feel eternal. With plenty of snow and an average December-through-February temperature just above the freezing point, winter in Berrien Springs, MI, can be downright brutal. ...
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Things Dentist Do

Little Known Things Dentist Do

Your dentist checks more than just your teeth. Do you really know what your dentist does? Sure, you know they clean teeth, maybe you even know it's called dental prophylaxis, ...
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Weird Facts

“My Dentist Will Think I’m Vain” and Other Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

The Misconceptions of Cosmetic Dentistry As technology improves, so does dentistry; both general and cosmetic dentistry are becoming easier, faster, and more accessible to everyone. Yet, despite improved methods of ...
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Complex Mouth

Why Your Mouth Is So Complex It Needs Its Own Doctor

A dentist’s job is complex and ever-changing. When we think about doctors who help treat important, complex parts of our bodies, cardiologists, neurologists, and gastrointestinal doctors tend to jump to ...
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Back to School Wellness Tips

9 Back to School Wellness Tips

Keep your kids healthy during this back-to-school season Are your kids ready for the new school year? Aside from all of their supplies, clothes, books, and other school essentials, there’s ...
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dentistry myths

10 Myths About Dentistry

Busting Common Dental Myths Myth #1: “Going to the dentist is a literal pain.” Fact: From cavity repair to snoring treatment, advances in dental technology, such as laser dentistry, have ...
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berrien springs and st joseph dentist

10 Things Berrien Springs and St. Joseph Say About Berrien Dental

Proud to be a Hometown Dental Practice in Berrien Springs and St. Joseph At Berrien Dental, we are committed to the most knowledgeable and compassionate dental care to be found, ...
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Find the right dentist for you

How to Find the Right Dentist for You

Yes, it takes effort to find the right dentist. But it's worth it! When you’re looking for a dentist, you’re looking for more than a service provider. You’re searching for ...
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